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NATS Ohio Chapter

Fall Meeting 2015

Kent State University


President Dean Southern called the meeting to order

Thank you to Tim Culver and his Kent State colleagues for hosting!

Welcome to our guests! Kathleen Riley, Anna Hersey, Susan Foster, Nathan Medley, Carren Moham.

Secretary-Treasurer Tracy Grady gave update: currently at 139 members; the Chapter donated $250 to the NATS Foundation in April 2015 for the betterment of the foundation; treasury is healthy

NATSAA – Stephanie Henkle – state level auditions have been eliminated.

  • Regionals - Jan 13, 2016 application deadline – in Detroit – April 2, 2016

  • There might be multiple rounds, depending on number of entrants.

  • Age minimum 21

There have been large changes to the National auditions, and those changes will directly affect us. Goal is to standardize the guidelines throughout entirety of NATS.

  • Puts us in line with other organizations

  • New aspects facilitate teacher’s choice

  • The timing of each category is flexible. We will continue with our current time limits for the upcoming 2016 Auditions in April

  • Alison Acord, VP

    • The chart of changes will be posted on the website

    • The HS and lower college musical theater categories now must include selections from STAGED ON AND OFF BROADWAY works

    • Upper college musical theater now requires 4 pieces (also from STAGED ON AND OFF BROADWAY)

    • Category numbers are changing

    • Men and women in HS categories are now separated

    • Juniors and seniors are now required to have 4 selections, and need 3 languages

    • Advanced categories now need 5 selections, 3 languages, oratorio representation (must be memorized)

    • In our Auditions, singer will choose first piece, judges will choose after that

    • All repertoire MUST be contrasting

    • There is a new adult men and women category for avocational singers

    • There is a page regarding audition terminology – please see!

    • Transposed pieces – if it’s published, it’s allowed.

    • All verses of strophic pieces must keep all verses

    • Cuts may be made from accompaniment, but nothing vocal may be cut

    • There is a forthcoming judging video

    • No photocopies AT ALL.

    • For online scores (imslp) – print screen shot of search for “title page”

    • Pianists using iPad cannot use music from scanned scores, but may use from imslp

    • The National website has a lot of information – check it out!  Please look here before contacting Alison with questions.

    • New schedule for our Student Auditions!

      • 8:00                  Registration

      • 8:30                  Business and Judges meeting

      • 10:00-2:00       Auditions

      • Lunch when judging concludes, breaks for longer categories for lunch. This schedule is easier for the students!

      • 3:00                  Announcement of Awards and Winners’ Recital

    • This new judging system allows for consistency from chapter to regionals to national auditions

Spring 2016 Student Auditions

  • Julia Faulkner will be giving a masterclass on Friday night April 1

    • Who should sing for her…. We will start with last year’s winners

      • Concerns with singers getting worked with on Friday and then competing Saturday?

      • Students may feel uncomfortable

      • Use non-competing singers

      • Singing in this class is prize enough, a singer doesn’t need to then sing Saturday

    • Alison Acord made a motion to vote that students who sing in the masterclass cannot sing Saturday – 10-16 voted in favor of students being permitted to sing, MUST use different repertoire

The $15 lunch fee has been at that rate forever – raise to $20.

  • Tim Culver moved, Kirsten Osbun-Manley second

    • Majority voted in favor

Timing of auditions

  • Online votes were essentially equal regarding fall or spring

  • Our students are missing opportunity to sing at regionals by keeping our Auditions in the spring

  • Spring timing can prove to be more challenging with schools’ productions

  • Fall is difficult as new students have just started

  • If we move to fall semester, we will still NOT be a feeder system for regionals

  • No matter where we put it, there will always be conflicts

  • Previous teacher is still acknowledged on the audition form if the singer is new to the current teacher

  • Vote on Spring or Fall: motion to keep in spring made by T. Ranney, second by F. Ward; for 10 votes, against 19 votes.

    • When in fall? Is November too late?

    • First or second weekend in Oct. = 4 votes

    • Third or fourth weekend in Oct = 16 votes

    • First or second weekend in Nov. = 10 votes

    • FALL 2016 @ Wright State!!

Chapter Name – change from Buckeye to Ohio

  • Motion by C. Billions, second by Kim Warrick to change to Ohio – 28 votes (majority) in favor

Oct. 24 – audition workshop at Miami U (Alison Acord) – geared more toward classical, but musical theater is welcome!

Oberlin choristers – Oct. 16 – middle school students and their teachers ($25/$20) – workshop about changing voice

Any events you would like shared, please email Denise (or Dean) and she will put on the website!

Bylaws – vote to use updated version that clears up/updates, change to Ohio chapter, Spring meeting, Fall Auditions

  • Motion to accept – L. Lashbrook, second by F. Ward

    • Majority in favor

President Dean Southern called for a close to the meeting.


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