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Chapter Meeting - Zoom November 6, 2021

  • Spring Meeting will be April 2, 2022
    o Business meeting will be at 2:00pm
    o Ian Howell will be our guest speaker after our meeting

​o Meeting will be virtual


  • Fall Auditions will be at Baldwin Wallace o October21-22, 2022

    o Cross fingers this will be in person!!

  • We will have one opening on the Ohio NATS board this summer

    o Beth Cram Porter will put together a nominating committee at the beginning of 2022

  • Treasurer’s report

  • Membership is at 152

  • Great Lakes Regional Governor, David Mannell

o Feb 26, 2022 are the regional auditions in Muncie, IN at Ball State in person

o Registration opens Jan 1 and closes Feb 14 (could be adjusted if the auditions must go virtual)

o $45Teachers 

o $25students

  • July 1-6 2022 – National NATS conference in Chicago

  • Don’t forget to renew your National and Chapter Dues before the end of January 2022!

  • AIMS has scholarships for their summer programs in Vienna

  • NATS Foundation has been dissolved, we have no additional information

  • Perhaps our chapter donates to the internship program (Culver)?

  • Thanks to VP Sue Wallin for outstanding work on the Auditions this year!

  • Thanks to Denise Milner Howell for her amazing work, as well!

  • Thank you to the Board!

  • Thank you to the membership for taking the time to judge – it’s a lot of work!

  • New category – Hall Johnson

  • Beth Porter moved to adjourn with Sue Wallin second

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