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Buckeye NATS

Board Meeting August 24, 2013



President: Kirsten Osbun-Manley

Vice-President: Dean Southern

Secretary-Treasurer: Tracy Grady

Board Members: Stephanie Sikora, David Sievers, Doug Wayland, David Tadlock, Diana McCullough



  • Amending membership dues of By-Laws to include correct $ and deadlines and late fee; definition of active member - must have paid both National and Chapter dues; must be active to participate in auditions; By-Laws will be updated and sent to board for approval

  • Perhaps have a meeting of SNATS members at Spring Auditions? Think on it, and see if you can build on this at our schools.

  • Fall Meeting: Sept 14 at Akron U. Laurie Lashbrook is coordinating. Karen Brunssen will be presenting on the evolution of the voice (morning session); Ms. Brunssen will have a master class in the afternoon. Area college students will be singing for the masterclass.

  • Fall Meeting registration is due today.....!!! Kirsten will email membership today to remind/extend deadline.

  • Is Fall Meeting too early in school year now? See how this year’s meeting goes and see.

  • Perhaps begin Fall Meeting at a later time of day to accommodate those members who must

    travel a distance. Would eliminate their need to stay overnight in the host city.

  • Volunteers to host the fall meetings are recruited at fall meeting. David Sievers is going to look

    into hosting at U of Dayton.

  • We need to showcase the Fall Meeting to voice teachers in the state to attend and see what we

    are about. Will show non-members that we aren’t just about the Spring Auditions. Perhaps collect names of these teachers from our members and have Kirsten call them and invite them to join.

  • Website: Denise provided login information for the new website. This will allow us to have much more information in a more modern and fresh way. Post masterclass info, member recital information, school main stage productions. Perhaps include links to sheet music websites. Perhaps add history/info page about our chapter. Have a page with benefits of being a member. Have a page dedicated to the spring audition information (categories, requirements,....etc) for everyone to access year-round.

  • Tracy will do more with the FB page.

  • Perhaps have a quarterly newsletter to the membership. Thoughts? Include things like visiting master teachers at the various schools, Alexander Technique classes.....

  • Discuss MT categories at Spring Auditions. 

  • Spring Auditions: April 11&12 at Ohio Univ.

o Book Hotel room(s) ASAP – they fill up quickly
o Friday Evening – do we really need an event? Perhaps have a social gathering at a local

watering hole? We are trying to build a community with our members. Brief entertainment during social hour? Friday evenings are always sparsely attended. Is there a risk with the Member leaving his/her students at the hotel unsupervised? Members would pay their own way at the Friday gathering. Perhaps have a very casual gathering where members can come and go as needed. 8-10pm.

o We need to clean up communication between staff accompanists and their students. OR make a rehearsal with the accompanist carry an extra fee?  Increase fee to $50, and if student doesn’t contact staff accompanist, student doesn’t get rehearsal.

o Staff accompanists will have their own space to put their personal things and the scores. Room will be guarded by a student from the host school.

o Repertoire – many students bring 3 pieces that are much too similar to each other. o Put date of pieces on the entry forms.
o Have an editable PDF on the website for the registration forms.
o We must clarify Advanced and Non-Traditional categories.

Advanced will be worded: More than 8 semesters.

Non-Traditional will be less than 8 semesters and age 25+ by date of auditions

  • Divide MT categories? By gender? Perhaps only divide if numbers warrant. Over a number or under a number with either or combine or divide. Perhaps same with Advanced categories? If any category has less than 8 entrants, we reserve right to combine rooms.

  • First place song choices MUST be shorter. The winners’ recital is much too long.

  • Put finalists in a big group in the hall to expedite the awards.

  • Make awards/recital much more efficient. Organize distribution of awards.

  • More students need to stay for the winners’ recital!! One of the values of these events is to have our students learn by listening.

  • Judges forms – list rep at top and rest of sheet is blank for judges’ comments.

  • Workshops!!! Alexander Technique!!! Have a couple or 3 sessions throughout day.

  • Concert or something of the like during the Saturday?

  • A few categories went WAY too late, and the judges missed the lunch and the meeting.

  • Teachers MUST check students’ registration forms to avoid mistakes.

  • Copyright rules MUST be enforced!!!!

  • NATS journal (possibly May/June of this year) has a good article on copyright laws.

  • Arrange pianos in the rooms so that judges can see pianist’s scores.

  • Some schools require originals at juries.

  • Recruiting new members can help get extra judges for the auditions.

  • Participation of current members is less than we would like!! Ideas for how to get them more involved....?

  • Tracy gave membership update: 142 members, compared to 135 at this time last year. o The treasury has $5824.24 currently, up about $1200 from this time last year.

  • Where will the Spring 2015 auditions be? Ideas? BGSU? – Doug will check. 

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