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Fall Chapter Meeting

Youngstown State University, October 21, 2017


  • Spring 2017 Meeting minutes were approved

  • Tracy gave treasurer’s report – treasury is healthy and balanced to the penny.

  • 164 Members

  • Motion to donate $250 to Foundation

Jennifer Jones motion; Laurie Lashbrook second

  • Tim Culver: 250 singers here today

Upper categories have more than 3 pieces

10 minutes begin when singer announces first piece

Selections are to be sung in their entirety

When time is up, time is up

Likely not all repertoire will be heard

If there is a repertoire question, do not question the student, but rather make a note and discuss with tally room; still rank that singer

No need to give singers the numeric score, just ranking

NO iPads – if pianist only has iPad, the singer will sing for comments only

We are working with National to work on this and hopefully, have use of them next year

If adjudication sheets are handwritten, students will sing for comments only

Several members had issues printing the adjudication sheets

As a result of this, it is acceptable to accept hand-written sheets

If there is a question about the source of rep, wait until after singer has finished

Cancellations were shared

Auditions are open, and peers/parents are welcome

All results will be posted at 2:30 pm in the lobby and on FB

Lower categories sing in the order the singer chooses.

  • We are having a HS audition event 11-12:30

  • Independent teachers – please encourage them to join and bring students to the auditions!

  • Please sit next to someone new today!!

  • – check it out! We have testimonials from members!

  • The Joan Boytam award for independent teachers: can apply for this $1000!! Due Feb. 1. (teacher must not be adjunct/full time at any university)

  • AIMS in Graz, Austria: offering today’s students who place scholarships to the summer festival

  • Spring Meeting is Saturday, April 7, 2018, at Central State University: Ohio NATS Celebrates Black Singers; Dean Southern will present; LaToya Lane will present Diary of a Slave Woman; Saturday, a panel discussion

  • We are hoping to always have the Spring Meeting in the center of the state.

  • Fall Auditions are Oct. 27-28, 2018 at Cedarville University.

  • Regional Auditions are in March in Michigan

  • Linda Snyder: current National President

NATSAA: November 11 @ BGSU starting at 10 am – these are open auditions

If you are interested in serving on a National committee, let Linda know!

Las Vegas is the location of this Summer’s Conference

170 applications for break-out sessions!

Alan Henderson’s FB page – check it out – he has teasers about the headliners

Artist Advocacy

Thank you for your personal contributions

Americans for the Arts – check it out online

  • Ben Smolder: Miami University HS vocal competition; HS summer institute; Schmidt – check it out online!


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