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Ohio NATS Meeting

April 1, 2017

Ohio Wesleyan University

  • President, Dean Southern called the meeting to order – Chris Scholl motioned, Ellen Scholl second

  • Thank you to Jennifer Whitehead for hosting

  • We are partly funded by National’s discretion fund for today’s events.

  • Motion to approve October minutes – moved by Joanne Uniatowski, second by Chris Scholl; all approved

  • Tracy Grady (secretary-treasurer) reported that treasury healthy and that we currently have 145 members

  • If you aren’t receiving the emails from Dean, please contact the National office. The chapter emails are coming directly through the National list.

  • Emeritus – full/associate members who are 68yo, and 20yrs member in good standing. You needn’t pay national dues.

Still pay Chapter dues? - Perhaps still pay dues only if you want to enter students in auditions?

Motion to have Emeritus members pay dues only if sending students to auditions

Motioned by Marc Weagraff, second by Tim Culver; all in favor

  • Norma Codispoti – NATS Foundation

Is an active partner of NATS

You may make a personal donation – you can find that information on the National website

Chapter voted to donate $250 in Lisa Foerster’s name – motion by Alison Acord, second by Nancy Maultsby; all in favor

  • NATS President Linda Snyder

There are 5 staff members assisting at the National office

Will attend the budget meeting in May

Membership numbers will be at forefront

NATS Foundation contributions were up last year

Majority of contributions are coming in with membership renewals.

Has been able to meet countless members and get feedback regarding NATS

There are many National members who are not part of a local Chapter

Was in Baltimore with Alan Henderson at MTNA two weeks ago – representing NATS

There were requests for voice presentations at MTNA – take advantage of this opportunity!

Went to National Arts Advocacy Day in Washington DC, and lobbied for the NEA

Consider becoming involved

NATS will be making resources available to members regarding this

The emails we get from National typically contain links to information regarding Arts Advocacy

This summer’s intern program is in Toronto

We have two Ohio members attending! – Neil Qiang and Kelly Burns

International Congress of Voice Teacher program - if you want to become involved, please research

  • Oct. 20-21, 2017 Auditions are at Youngstown State

  • April 7, 2018 – next spring meeting at Miami U.

  • Art Song Festival has moved from Baldwin Wallace back to CIM

May 14, 2017 – Eric Owens will be presenting a recital

  • Linda McAllister – Schmitt Foundation (HS program) – does events year-round, including a vocal institute and competitions

  • Marc Weagraff – Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, Summer Voice and Opera Intensive – for rising HS seniors – please send them!

  • Slate of Officers for next year

Thank you to the nominating committee!

President: Alison Acord

VP: Tim Culver

Sec-Treas: Tracy Grady

Board Members: Sue Wallin (3 year); Chad Payton (2 year); Debra Rentz (2 year); Jennifer Whitehead (2 year); Denise Milner-Howell will continue with her final year on the board.

  • Midge Karam motion to approve, Linda Snyder second; all in favor

  • Thank you to outgoing President Dean Southern

  • Stephanie Henkle  - motion to close, Nancy Maultsby – second; All in favor

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