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Ohio NATS Member Meetng
October 21, 2023

• President Sue Wallin called the meeting to order.
• Motion to approve April minutes: Midge; second Frank Ward
• Spring April 13, 2024 Meeting will be at Capital. Edrie Means Weekly will be our guest!! She is a
CCM specialist.
• Kent state will be hosting us for the Fall 2024 Auditions.
• Great Lakes Region Auditions are March 2, 2024 in Ontario.
• We are working on raising money to: raise prize money; beginning a scholarship fund for HS
students. More info to come. If you’d like to donate when you renew your membership, check
“other” and put “Ohio NATS scholarship” in the memo.
• Tracy gave the membership report, we have 125 members.
• Treasury is at 13-14k, before today’s costs.

• Andrea Chenoweth Wells, VP

o Thank you to Dan Stein, site host
o Thank you to our substitute judges
o Thank you to Sue Wallin for being awesome
o Thank you to our members for being so understanding as we finalized the schedule.
o You can hang out in room 101, it’s where lunch will be!
o Schedules in your packets are up to date.
o Don’t forget to assign a time keeper!
o Rep has been vetted!
o iPads are good to go
o Time begins as soon as the singer announces their first piece.
o Scoring – DO THIS. We do not rank, we only put a score 70-100.
o Best practices and questions were addressed.


• Alison Acord, Ohio Governor

o Alison provided a QR code for a member survey about increasing membership. Should you think of additional ideas, please let her know!
o Explore the website for all sorts of useful content

• Ben Smolder - Next weekend, an audition seminar for HS students

• Thanks to all for coming!
• President Sue Wallin asked for motion to call end to meeting
o Motion Chad Payton, second Frank Ward

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