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Ohio NATS Spring Meeting 

Columbus OH 

April 1, 2023 

≈ President Beth Cram Porter called the meeting to order 

≈ Oct 22 Fall Chapter meeting minutes approval 

o Motion Marc Weagraff  

o Second Sue Wallin  

o All approved  

≈ Tracy gave treasurer’s report @ about $7500 

≈ Tracy gave membership report @ 111 members. This is about 20 less than usual.  ≈ Sue Wallin  

o Last in person Auditions 2019: 44 teachers, 200 students 

o 2022: 36 teachers, 199 students 

o 15,000 students participate in the National auditions  

o National conference had a very good turnout of singers  

≈ Alison Acord (governor) sent Beth a report 

≈ Fall 2023 auditions, Oct 20-21 @ Ohio University in Athens  

≈ Nominating committee: 

o Tim Culver 

o Jane Atwood 

o Kyung Kim  

≈ Sue Wallin President; Andrea Chenoweth Wells, VP; Tracy Grady, secretary-treasurer; Katherine  Jolly, David Sievers, Misook Yun, Melody Wallace  

o Accept slate of above – all present passed the motion 

≈ Thank you to Andy Blosser for hosting! 

≈ Beth thanks the outgoing board  

o Thank you to Tracy, eternal secretary-treasurer 

o Denise Milner Howell for being our amazing webmaster 

o Sue Wallin for being the master of AuditionWare  

o Thank you to the membership

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