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Spring Meeting

Capital University Conservatory of Music

April 6, 2019

  • Thank you to Chad and all those at Capital Univ. for hosting!

  • President Alison Acord called the meeting to order.

  • Motion to approve the October minutes

    • Marc Weagraff moved

    • Denise Ritter-Bernardini second

    • All present in favor

  • Tracy gave the treasurer’s report – treasury is currently balanced to the penny and healthy.

  • We currently have 140 members

  • 236 singers, 55 teachers, 74 pianists @ Cedarville this past fall at the Auditions

  • Linda Synder, immediate past president of NATS

    • We have our first fundraising initiative – with Foundation and NATS Inc.; this also involves strategic planning – SWAT analysis

    • Happy 75th, NATS!!!

    • Thank you to all officers throughout NATS, as well as those at the National office

    • 7200 members (about 1/3 university, 1/3 independent, 1/3 other)

    • 15k students involved in the Auditions

    • There will be a survey coming out from the National office shortly – please participate!!!

    • Please consider donating to the NATS annual fund

  • Norma Codispoti

    • The NATS Foundation formed in 1976; supports NATSAA, the vocal ped program, the intern program

    • The Ohio Chapter consistently contributes

    • Motion to donate $200 from chapter – Dean Southern moved; second Jackie Barlow-Ware; all present in favor

  • Fall Auditions

    • Change in dates for fall auditions

      • October 18-19 at Univ of Toledo

      • Jane Atwood will be our onsite coordinator

  • Slate of nominees

    • Tim Culver is President nominee

    • VP nominee is Beth Porter

    • Tracy Grady is Secretary-Treasurer nominee

    • Board: 3 year – Jane Atwood

      • 2 year – Chad Payton; Frank Ward Jr.; Andrea Chenoweth-Wells; Sue Wallin will finish out the final year of her three-year term

    • THANK YOU to our nominating committee

      • Debra Rentz; Dionne Bennett; Dean Southern; David Sievers

    • Motion to approve this slate of nominees

      • Norma Codispoti so moved

      • Second Denise Milner Howell

      • All present in favor

  • Denise Milner Howell: Independent Voice Teachers conference June 8 @ Weathervane in Akron.  Please attend!  There is a student rate – please talk with your grad students and recently graduated undergrads about attending! Technology, $$, auditioning for undergrad…etc.

  • Meeting adjournment

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