Ohio NATS 

Spring Meeting  April 2, 2022 on Zoom  

• President Beth Cram Porter called the meeting to order.  

• Approval of Minutes from Nov. 6, 2021.  

o Approved as posted  

• Tracy Grady, secretary-treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report  

o We are currently at 122 active members; please encourage your colleagues to (re)join 

• Election of new board member  

o Nominating committee: Alison Acord, Stephanie Henkle, Dean Southern 

o March 1, committee presented nomination of Daniel Stein from Ohio University ▪ Please see prior email regarding Dr. Stein’s CV 

o Vote will take place currently, Denise Milner Howell shared the google form in the Zoom chat 

o 20-0-0 Daniel has been voted into the board!  

• Fall auditions are October 21-22, 2022 at Baldwin Wallace University  

• Please brainstorm ideas for programs to include at auditions as well as spring meetings. What might be meaningful?  

• President Beth Cram Porter adjourned meeting