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NATS – Buckeye Chapter Fall Meeting 2014

September 14 at University of Dayton


• President Kirsten Osbun‐Manley thanked the UD hosts and Scott McCoy for their work for today’s meeting.

• Stephanie Henkle, our state governor sends her regards, as does Regional Governor Brian Horne.

• Thanks to past regional governor, Laurie Lashbrook, for all of her work!

• Memorial concert in honor of Doug Wayland at BGSU tomorrow

• March 15 Art Song Festival concert at BW

• UD is hosting Jake Heggie (!) info will be forthcoming

• Oct. 11 – Miami U has HS vocal competition

• Sharon Storher and Diana McCullough talked about The Confident Performer.  Is a 3 hour intensive workshop (there is a FB page!). Please contact them to book a workshop for your students.  Any BNATS member will receive a reduced rate. Students prepare something to sing in the workshop.

• Stay members – not just for the auditions! Fall meeting is excellent opportunity to learn and network!

• Tracy’s update – treasury is healthy.

• Spring 2015 auditions April 10-11 at OSU. There will be a social hour Friday night for members to socialize and network. Put it in your calendar!

• SNATS: Let’s get chapters going at our schools.  We are not all about the spring auditions, we are a community of voice teachers.  Student group would be great for connections present and future. Fall Meeting materials would be great for SNATS, as would increase participation in the spring auditions.  There isn’t much programming from above – needs to be a grassroots sort of endeavor.  Let’s help each other as SNATS advisors.  Karen Peeler is a great ambassador for this!

• 2015 fall chapter meeting will most likely be at Kent State

• 2016 spring auditions will be at BGSU, hopefully!!

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