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Why Join NATS?

  • Scope: NATS is the largest association of teachers of singing in the world, with members in more than twenty-five countries.

  • Education: Members have access to lifelong learning experiences such as master classes, workshops, and conferences, held at the district, regional, and national levels. 

  • Journal of Singing: NATS members receive the leading academic journal on the voice, Journal of Singing, as a benefit of membership. Published five times annually, this scholarly journal features articles on all aspects of singing and the teaching of singing, written by distinguished scholars from around the world.

  • Student Auditions: One of the benefits widely enjoyed by NATS members is the privilege of taking students to annual state and regional auditions and biennial national competitions, where they may sing for a panel of teachers and receive positive comments and feedback on their work as singers and performers.

  • Employment Opportunities: Members have access to an online database of positions currently available at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. In addition, members may place their contact information on the Find a Teacher database, accessed regularly by students seeking private voice teachers in their areas.

  • Networking: NATS has more than 7,300 members who teach in a wide variety of settings. Most NATS teachers are active in performance as well, and have invaluable contacts in the professional worlds of both singing and teaching. Members may access contact information for any other members through the online directory.

Fall Student Auditions

Ohio University

October 20-21, 2023

To request more information:

Contact Tracy Grady



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