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Spring Meeting

Central State University

April 7, 2018


  • President Alison Acord called the meeting to order

  • Thank you to our hosts, Kathleen Allen and Neil Qiang

  • Thank you to the NATS National office for the funding through the discretionary fund to help make today possible

  • Move to approve the minutes from the fall meeting – Stephanie Henkle moved and Midge Karam seconded; all present approved.

  • Tracy gave the treasurer’s report -  treasury is healthy with over 9k

  • Tracy gave the current membership which is at 143.

  • Tim gave fall auditions report: 249 singers and 64 teachers

  • This fall’s auditions are October 26-27 at Cedarville University

  • Brian Horne is our Regional Governor and joined us today. He is also the President of the NATS Foundation

Is leaving office in June

Thank you to the Ohio Chapter for the consistent support of the NATS Foundation

Thank you to Norma Codispoti for her leadership as Foundation liaison

Region’s Chapters are doing well

There have been controversial changes to timing of National competitions; also changes to auditions in general

Attendance at Regional Auditions has been down

  • Linda Snyder, our National President, will be joining us later this afternoon.

  • New Business

A new initiative from our Chapter’s Board is to create a sense of ownership within the chapter’s members

Denise Milner Howell will be our webmaster

Chad Payton is our FB guru

Any ideas? Think about things you’d like to do!

  • We like to try to support our members who are attending the National Conference

Give Tracy Grady $200 toward travel expenses

Dean made motion, Sue Wallin seconded

All present were in support

  • Our annual donation to the NATS Foundation

Motion to donate $250 – Tim Culver motioned, Joanne Uniatowski seconded

All present were in support

Donation will be to honor memory of former member, Mark Baker.

  • Oct. 26-27, 2018 Auditions @ Cedarville University

  • Capital University April 6, 2019 – Spring Meeting

  • TBA University of Toledo in Fall 2019 Auditions – Oct. 25, 26

  • Linda McAlister – on faculty @ Miami Univ

Directs the Schmidt Vocal institute and Competition

Open to High School 10-12th graders

There is prize money!

Summer Vocal Institute @ Miami University – 2 weeks @ end of June

  • May 21-26 Art Song Festival @ Cleveland Institute of Music

  • Stephanie Henkle suggested raising prize money @ auditions; Tracy will crunch numbers, and board will discuss.

  • Sunday 4/15 – SNATS Chat! Register online for FREE

  • President Alison Acord closed the meeting.

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