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Ohio NATS 

Board Meeting 

29 July, 2020 



Present virtually: Tim Culver, Beth Cram-Porter, Tracy Grady, Andrea Wells, Chad Payton, Sue Wallin, Frank Ward, Stephanie Henkle, Denise Milner Howell

  • Beth and Tim would like to move the Auditions to November 14 to allow more time to plan. 

    • Registration will open Oct. 1st, closes at midnight Oct. 22th

    • Motion to move: Frank, Second Sue

    • 9-0-0

  • Vetting videos beginning Oct 23 – Nov 1

    • Vetting will involve opening every link, make sure link works, making sure rep listed is rep sung

    • Judging Nov 2-11

    • Results Nov 14

      • Denise will make video for winner’s recital and then make it “live” on YouTube for the Richard Miller award

  • During registration period

    • We need to strongly encourage each teacher to register their own students, rather than a student assistant doing it for them

    • National still required the same amount of repertoire as usual

    • No way to make it fair that all judges will listen to all the same rep (i.e. when there are 5 videos) 

      • We can cut down requirements as we wish, since we don’t feed Regionals 

    • 3 videos for every category  (if possible – Tim will check something with Brad and report back – needs to check if AuditionWare will allow a student to ONLY submit 3, instead of 5 videos in upper categories) 

      • (FW) perhaps we prescribe the types of rep for upper categories

  • No member fee for teachers, but yes for students’ registration fee. 

  • 15 students per teacher, as we did last year. 

  • Accompanying tracks are fine. 

  • No sound enhancing mics. 

  • All music still memorized. 

  • Do we want guests? 

    • (BCP) perhaps have several short-ish videos and pay small fees to those that provide them to us 

    • Career info? Rep? Grad school? 

    • Think on this! Send ideas to Tim and Beth. 

  • Chapter Meeting? 

    • Probably not, but we can send a letter to the members with updates and can vote for things online

    • Perhaps have a Zoom on Oct 31? In the morning? Maybe 9am to be less intrusive on private teachers. 

      • They will have already received judging info in email, so this will give them the opportunity to ask questions

      • Could also take care of chapter business 

      • More to come!

  • Videos

    • Good luck to us

    • There doesn’t appear that there is any difference as far as chances to place regarding how things are recorded (fancy studio/phone)

      • Camera in fixed position, no camera angles, stay in the shot

      • Face and most of body

      • No editing, reverb, pitch adjustment

      • One video per song

      • No indication of teacher/school

      • Memorized

      • Must state name, category, piece at beginning of each video

      • Don’t us safari for the web browser (Safari and AuditionWare don’t get along)

      • Select unlisted and disable private settings on YouTube

      • Teacher must submit videos – links have been provided by student

      • Teacher/school indication will mean disqualification

  • Andrea will work on trying to get a fillable form

  • If we are still in distancing mode for Spring 2021 Meeting, we should try to not cancel, and rather do it virtually. 

    • More info to come 

  • Membership is at 140

  • $$ is at $9975.44

  • Invite your colleagues to join! 

    • Could use the no lunch $ aspect at Auditions to recruit new members

    • Incentive for current member to recruit the most people, and perhaps we pay their state dues 

    • Raffle for new members who join? 

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