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Ohio NATS Spring Meeting

April 10, 2021

  • October meeting minutes approval
    o Motion by ChadPayton
    o Second by Alison Acord
    o Motion approved

  • Tracy gave the secretary-treasurer update

    o We are currently at 133members

    o Treasury, before today’s expenses, is at $10878.32

  • Fall 2021 Oct 22-23 auditions at Baldwin Wallace, hopefully in person

  • Spring 2022 Meeting will be at Capital Univ., hopefully in person

    o April2,2022

  • March 2022 at Ball State – Regional Auditions

  • Thank you to the Nominating Committee

    o Slate of officers
    ▪ Beth Cram-Porter, Pres

    ▪ Sue Wallin, VP
    ▪ Tracy Grady, Secretary-Treasurer
    ▪ Board Members: Hannah Flower, Ben Smolder, Jay White, Dione Bennett

    o All present voted in favor

  • Motion to adjourn – Joanne Uniatowski

    o Andy Blosser second
    o All in favor of adjournment

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