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Ohio NATS Meeting

October 29, 2016

Wright State University


President Dean Southern called the meeting to order.

All introduced themselves

Thank you to our hosts here at Wright State University

Dean read an email from our NATS President, Linda Synder.

2018 National Conference is in Las Vegas

Next fall’s audition dates- Oct. 20-21 @ Youngstown State University

Secretary-Treasurer Tracy Grady gave the treasurer’s report: treasury is healthy, but today’s auditions will tax it. Membership is at 153.

Spring meeting at April 1 at Ohio Wes. University

  • Barbara Honn will be joining us

    • Morning session will be interactive lecture

    • After lunch, master class with students

    • Third session will be question and answer

Vice-President Alison Acord discussed categories that were combined

  • Concerns regarding combined categories and students’ length of study

10 minutes time limit categories – student will begin with piece of his/her choice; judges will then ask for other repertoire – can be all of piece or part

  • Students cannot be penalized for rep that adds up to more than 10 minutes.


  • Have your students bring receipts from purchased music or landing page from imslp

  • If there is a question, AFTER student has finished singing, have room monitor accompany you to the tabulation room to discuss

We are now allowing accompanists to play for 12 rather than 10 singers – if you have feedback regarding this, please let us know!

Re: scoring

  • Numerical score in the box (on students’ rep sheets); these scores are very useful for the students to gain perspective

  • Ranking on tally sheets – to be turned in to tabulation room

Nov. 12 @ Miami U – viva Miami for HS students

Nov. 19 @ Miami U – Schmitt Vocal competition for HS students

Cinda Thomas will soon be available to have master classes on Mindful Singing

President Dean Southern called the meeting to a close.

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