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Dear Great Lakes Region NATS Members,


I am writing with information regarding the upcoming regional NATS auditions to be held at Anderson University, Indiana, on Saturday, March 7. As you know, this is my first time doing this. I hope that I have covered all the bases, but if I have omitted something, please let me know. I am very grateful to Laurie Lashbrook for her help preparing these materials.


I also want to thank Fritz Robertson and his colleagues for agreeing to host us!


I hope you are having a wonderful year and that you will consider attending and participating in these auditions. Please remember that the National Student Auditions will take place for the second time this year. The finals will be held at the summer workshop in Greensboro, NC. The only way to be eligible for those auditions is for students to participate in these regional auditions in March.


Please read the following carefully, keeping in mind that the postmark deadline for materials is Monday, February 9, 2015.


Materials to submit, along with fees (etc.) by the postmark date of February 9, 2015:

  • Teacher Registration Form, one copy, listing all students' categories, and pianists (no TBA's will be accepted) and including Teacher Registration Fee as noted; also any special donations.

  • Student Registration Form, one copy for each student, including Student Registration Fee for each student.

  • Student Audition Form (the form for judges' comments), 3 copies for each student.

  • If requesting a Staff Pianist, one copy of each musical selection, in the correct key.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students using staff pianists must bring original scores to the auditions, at which time staff pianists will use the original scores.


  • ONE CHECK made payable to NATS Great Lakes Region including ALL the above fees.


Submit all the above to:


Dr. Brian Horne

Merrill Hall- JSOM

1201 E. 3rd St.

Bloomington, IN


All of the Regional Information for the Student Auditions is included in the packet. Specifically, please find the following:

  • General Info re: categories, repertoire requirements, etc.

  • Teacher Registration Form

  • Waiver of Judging Form

  • Student Registration Form

  • Student Audition Form (please duplicate, and submit 3 copies for each student)

  • Hotel Information

In order to ensure that our Region's Special Awards (e.g., the Gean Greenwell, Jessye Norman, Jon Vickers, Ralph Appelman, Irma Cooper, Most Promising Musical Theatre awards) can continue at the level we would like to keep in the future, I am inviting each of you to take this particular opportunity to donate special funds toward these awards, or toward any of the top awards at the Regional Auditions.  Donors will be named in the program of the final Concert of Promise.  This is your opportunity to donate toward an award in the name of someone special, or simply to help support NATS Great Lakes Auditions.  If you would like to make such a contribution, please fill out the portion of the Teacher Form concerning contributions toward awards, and enclose a check made out to Great Lakes Region NATS by the deadline.
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