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Great Lakes Regional Student Auditions

March 6-7, 2020 

Bowling Green State University

Ohio NATS Spring Meeting

April 4, 2020

Capital University

Ohio NATS Fall Student Auditions

October 23-24, 2021

Baldwin Wallace University

Great Lakes Regional Student Auditions

March 5-6, 2021

Kent State University

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Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Grady  


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The NATS Artist Awards Competition (NATSAA) is designed to assist singers prepared to launch a professional career. Presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing, NATSAA is known nationally as one of the most prestigious awards for classical vocalists, offering more than $50,000 in cash and prizes. The NATSAA application deadline is September 9, 2019. NATSAA is open only to NATS members and their students. Log on to for complete information and application. The 46th NATS Artist Awards semifinal and final rounds will take place in New York, NY, January 10-12, 2020, at The Roosevelt Hotel, and in proximity to a wide audience of artist managers and industry professionals. The competition is in conjunction with the National Association of Teachers of Singing Winter Workshop.  Applying for NATSAA? Click this video link for key information: 


The National Music Theater Competition (NMTC), presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing, is the first national competition for the music theater soloist, offering a high-profile opportunity to be seen by today’s most influential music theater professionals. The NMTC application deadline is September 15, 2019. Log on to for complete information and online application. The 2020 NMTC semifinal and final rounds will be held in New York, NY, January 10-12, 2020, at The Roosevelt Hotel. Prizes and awards total more than $15,000, presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing and sponsored by the NATS Foundation. Applying for NMTC? Click this video link for key information:  

Networking and the Independent Studio

One of the most important tasks for the independent studio

teacher is networking and building clientele. Click here to view

Susan Wallin's tips for networking and studio marketing.

NATS Foundation

The work of the NATS Foundation has continued for many years. The purpose over the years and presently is to generate assistance to aspiring and talented singers and teachers through the development and management of various endowment funds used to provide some of the money for the NATS Artist  Competition for singers (NATSAA) and the National Music Theater Competition (NMTC). The Foundation also co-sponsors the Van Lawrence Fellowship. It continues to use its resources to help finance innovative programs such as the NATS Intern Programs, the Emerging Leaders Awards and the Vocal Pedagogy Award. I invite you to join the Circle of Friends with a contribution of $100 or more or to give any amount you can and designate your contribution to the named Scholarship or program of your interest. Our Ohio Chapter has been generous over the years in support of the above and I am so proud to be part of it as a member and also as your NATS Great lakes Liaison. I encourage you to support the Foundation’s work in the future and thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Contributions may be made by sending a check payable

to the NATS Foundation c/o NATS National Office, 

9957 Moorings Dr, Suite 401, Jacksonville, FL 32257.


Norma Codispoti, NATS Foundation Great Lakes Liaison

"As an independent teacher, it is often hard to get away from the teaching studio and therefore difficult to find ways to continue to learn and grow as a teacher. One great resource that I have recently discovered is the NATS Chat. Not only are the topics presented very relevant to my teaching and studio needs, but the chats are also very convenient to watch when I have the time since they are viewable both live and archived on YouTube. I highly recommend that you check them out and take advantage of this valuable resource!"

-Tiffany Owens, Independent teacher and Adjunct Professor at

Mt. Saint Joseph University, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Vocapedia is an incredible resource that I use all the time in my teaching. Vocapedia has links to videos and articles on anatomy, diction, pedagogy, repertoire, acoustics, and many other topics. I show every beginning student the video titled 3-D view of the diaphragm. Students can see what the diaphragm looks like, how it moves, and how the ribs and abdominals respond to that movement. This video alone has transformed how I talk about breathing

to my students. Check out Vocapedia for great information and inspiration!"

-Debra Renz, Ohio NATS Board Member